Tree planting

What we have done so far…

Hey friends!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We are so grateful!

We wanted to let you know all we’ve done so far to get this big tree planting off the ground. (Just so you know we’re not just dreamers!)

  • In April we ran a ten day camp for ten international volunteers where we cleared the planting areas of problematic honeysuckle and blackberry. It was a HUGE endeavour and highly successful.
  • We are working with the Waikato Regional Council to extend our fencing to protect the new trees AND they are coming to the party by covering a whopping third of our costs. (YAY, thank you guys!)
  • We are already a quarter into our donation target due to a generous tree gift from local tree loving philanthropists (thank you SO much!!)
  • We have begun gathering and cutting carpet to go around each sapling to give it the most weed-free beginnings it can have.
  • We have blocked off August for the planting.

Now we just need the trees!

Rebekah and the volunteers clearing the end of the farm previously known as Honeysuckle Corner – rebranded as Harakeke Corner!