big tree planting!
Tree planting

Give a tree for life!

Ah, friends! We are buzzing with your support! People are buying trees from ALL OVER the world and sending us such beautiful messages of encouragement. THANK YOU!

We have noticed that a lot of people are buying trees for their friends and family members. One family group have clubbed together to plant a grove to honour the Nana of the family who passed away a couple of years ago. We wanted to make this extra special for people so we are now launching Tree Gifts! If you want to plant some trees for someone simply, in the “leave a message” box you get on the website tell us their name and their email address. We will then email them the gift card AND we will send them a photo of the trees once planted!*

big tree planting!

(* This goes for any tree gift over and including A Picnic Sized Grove – yippee, new category! It’s still utterly and completely beautiful to send someone one tree, it’s just we might go bonkers with the admin of that.)