With your help we will plant 4000 trees!

We’ll give the land and the labour.

You give the trees!


There are two ways.

The first way you can do it is via this secure online form with Paypal or Stripe – accepting payments from anywhere in the world.

The second way you can do it is to simply put your tree donation into our bank account with the reference TREES and your name. This is especially good for BIG tree gifts:

Growing Wild Karangahake Ltd
38 9017 0010660 00

We will buy the trees and plant them in August 2018.


We just love trees. We have 25 acres in a beautiful part of Karangahake, New Zealand. At the moment one third of it is in native forest and two thirds is in pasture. We want to swap that around because trees are awesome. They are home to so much wildlife. They protect our waterways; filtering and slowing groundwater, shading the rivers so fish can survive AND stopping erosion. Trees are the reason we breath. (So cheesy. Yet true.)

But why ME?

We are inviting people to buy a tree for us to plant. Simply because we reckon you might love trees too!

Lots of people love trees and want to plant them but live in a city apartment and don’t want to get busted digging holes in the local park. Let us help with that.

Some people (like our friend Lucy R!) have committed to planting a tree for every single week they own a car. Lucy calls them her “guiltrees.” We like that personal pledge to make up for what we take from the planet by giving back to it. You might wanna plant some of your own guiltrees!

In love and excited anticipation of all the trees we are going to plant together!


1,615/4,000 trees

(counter updated daily)

Keep in touch with our facebook page here to watch the progress!


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